Friday, December 10, 2010

To live small and rent free

Of course, this is a blog about smaller scale items, and while reading the morning news, both in the paper and online this morning, I came accross an article I found very interesting.  While I am not one to appreciate a small living space, this seems like a wonderful idea compared to my mortgage every month.    An architect in Beiking created a mobile Egg home which he resides in on the sidewalk. 
Just imagine giving up everything in your house from your furniture, to most of your wardrobe.  I may have this fact wrong, since I am a woman and I love clothing and could probably fill about three of these "eggs" with just my clothing, or perhaps even just my shoes.  In fact, now that I consider it, this really doesn't look all too bad.  From the outside of course, that is a different story.  However, think of it, a rent free mortgage free like in a small portable
bubble.  Now of course, I am not saying this is the life for me.  While I love miniatures, I prefer to live in a larger, stable house where I can fit all my miniatures and clothing! 

I can see it now, it is the year 2381 and you travel to earth to find everyone in an egg like this.  It seems like something straight out of a science fiction futuristic movie.

If you would like to read the full article, find it here:

Would you ever consider living like this?  Respond below.


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